Little Bags for Big Occasions - for your new arrivals!

If you or a loved one are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet sometime soon, you may be planning a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party.  Whether you're "Team Pink", "Team Blue" or "Team Yellow" we have a range of Little Bags for Big Occasions that are as cute as a a newborn baby (well, almost!).

These beauties can be given by the mummy-to-be herself as a thank you to each of her guests, or by organisers as a little memento for Mama and her crew.  

  • Each Little Bag contains a top-quality colour-coated steel cookie cutter, decorative keepsake card and a mind-blowing pop-up origami recipe. 

  • Our bags are hand-tied with colour-coordinated traditional twine.

  • All of the contents are reusable. 

  • With so many cookie cutter themes covered, the bag themes are endless - from sunflowers to cacti, and flamingos to unicorns.  Our absolute favourites are these gorgeous elephant and foot cookie cutters.  

  • The origami pop-up recipe enclosed is printed onto paper that is colour-matched to the bag design. Standard, vegan, gluten and dairy-free recipes are available!

  • We can work with you to create unique Little Bags that match the look and feel of your event perfectly.  We have thousands of decorative papers in stock so can tailor the cutter's background design.  Just send us your mood-board or a description of your colour scheme or theme and we will create several options for you to choose from.  Alternatively, choose from our most popular designs below.  The rainbow stripes and stars are just perfect for a gender-neutral event.  ​  

  • Our Little Bags are small but mighty.  They are fabulous favours, placeholders and photo-sharing prompt rolled into one.  They include a thank you message or details of the baby or due date as standard.  They can also be personalised to feature the name of each guestOn the reverse of each Little Bag, we can include photo sharing details to encourage guests to use the same #hashtag to tag their photos on Instagram, or provide an ID code for other photo sharing apps, etc. 

If you're ordering more than 40 Little Bags, you can claim a discounted price of £3.50 per bag.  Orders of between 20 and 40 bags cost £3.75 per bag and orders of under 20 Little Bags cost £3.95 per bag.  Personalisation for each guest costs a little more - just get in touch for a no-obligation quote.