Little Bags for Big Occasions - for children!

Our stunning range of Little Bags for Big Occasions make fabulous party favours, gorgeous gifts for little ones and quirky alternatives to greetings cards. 

  • Each Little Bag contains a top-quality colour-coated steel cookie cutter, decorative keepsake card and a mind-blowing pop-up origami recipe. 

  • Our bags are hand-tied with colour-coordinated traditional twine.

  • All of the contents are reusable. 

  • We have Little Bags to match all of your favourite themes, including dinosaur, unicorn, princess, flamingo, mermaid, pirate, rocket, sunflower and bunny. 

  • The origami pop-up recipe enclosed is printed onto paper that is colour-matched to the bag design. Standard, vegan, gluten and dairy-free recipes are available!

  • Personalised “thank you” or other wording can be added as a gift tag to each Little Bag. 

If you're ordering more than 40 Little Bags, you can claim a discounted price of £3.50 per bag.  Orders of between 20 and 40 bags cost £3.75 per bag and orders of under 20 Little Bags cost £3.95 per bag.  Personalisation for each guest costs a little more - just get in touch for a no-obligation quote.