Bags for Children

Our themed bags are packed full of wonderful things including craft activities, toys, useful gadgets and a chocolate lollipop (handmade by a renowned chocolatier).  We use luxurious grosgrain ribbon, self-penned poems, vintage card tags and high-quality paper or cellophane bags to make each bag unique.

Our bags can be adapted to suit your interests and budget; individual items can be added or removed. And if none of our existing bags suit your needs, we will happily come up with a bespoke bag. 

If you'd like a smaller gift for your mini-guests, check out our Little Bags range for children!

Cookie Kits
"Unicorn, Dino, Butterfly, Aeroplane, Bear or Bunny"
Ice cream
"I Scream for Ice Cream"
"Dino Roar"
"Life's all Unicorns and Rainbows!"
"Down in the Jungle"
"Space Cadet"
Sea Life
"Boogie Woogie"
"iSack Newton"
"Mini Beast"
"Princess Perfect"
"Super Sporty"
Superhero 2
"Fairy Wings and Sparkly Things"
Nail kits
"Big Top"
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Cookie Kits

Our cookie kits come in five different themes to suit all ages and interests and are presented in a cellophane bag tied with a gorgeous themed ribbon. Choose from:

  • "Terrifying T-Rex";

  • "Magical Unicorn";

  • "Awesome Aeroplane";

  • "Beautiful Butterfly";

  • "Teddy Bear's Picnic";

  • "Bouncing Bunny"; and

  • "Fabulous Flamingo".

These bags will enable the happy recipients to bake and decorate delicious themed cookies with just a little bit of help from a grown-up and some basic store cupboard ingredients.

Each bag contains:

  • a high-quality resin-coated cookie cutter;

  • a traditional wooden rolling pin;

  • a tube of easy-squeeze gel icing;

  • a packet of colour co-ordinated sprinkles; and

  • our fool-proof cookie recipe!  

Optional extras: 

  • a chocolate lollipop to match the theme (dinosaur, unicorn, aeroplane, butterfly, teddy bear, bunny or palm tree (for flamingo)) (£1.50). 

"I Scream For Ice Cream"

Whether you call it ice cream or gelato, our passion for ice cream, whatever the weather, is the inspiration behind this bag.  It's stuffed full of everything you need to make the perfect ice cream sundae, including:

  • a retro cone-style ice cream sundae dish (each batch of bags comes in a mix of four funky neon colours - pink, blue, green and orange);

  • a curly straw;

  • a long, stainless steel ice cream sundae spoon;

  • a chocolate flake;

  • a packet of sprinkles; and

  • a packet of explosive popping candy!

These substantial bags are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a gorgeous ice cream-themed ribbon.

As an optional extra, add ice cream-themed sand art for an additional 90p per bag (photos on request). 

"Dino Roar"

Q: Why can't you hear a pterodactyl using the bathroom?

A: Because the "p" is silent!

This bag is certainly no joke... Packed full of prehistoric fun, there's loads to keep your tiny tyrannosaurus rexes occupied, including:

  • a 3D wooden dinosaur kit;

  • six mini paint pots in a range of colours and a paint brush (to decorate the 3D wooden dinosaur); 

  • a foam dinosaur mask;

  • a dinosaur keyring;

  • a dinosaur glider; and

  • a chocolate dinosaur lolly (choose from milk chocolate or white chocolate, in either its natural colour or "dinosaur green"!).

These goodies are packaged in a bright blue paper bag which is decorated with a hand-cut dinosaur sillhouette and finished with rainbow star ribbon.



These jam-packed bags are the perfect accompaniment to a night (or afternoon!) on the dance floor. Whether your party-goers are making shapes to "Happy" or "Gangnam Style", they will look the part with:

  • a 26cm inflatable microphone;

  • a pair of funky neon shades;

  • a glitter coin purse;

  • neon clip-on hair extensions (sequin bow ties for boys);

  • a disco ball keyring;

  • a scratch art funny face; and

  • a milk chocolate lollipop decorated with a white chocolate number (the birthday child's age) and colourful sprinkles. 

"Life's All Unicorns And Rainbows!"


All girls go through a "unicorn phase" at some point, so we've created this bag in honour of our one-horned, rainbow-mained magical steeds! Your party-goers will find more than a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, as the bag includes:

  • a unicorn mosaic wand kit;

  • a unicorn keyring;

  • a unicorn glider;

  • unicorn scratch art; and 

  • a unicorn chocolate lolly. 

"Down in the Jungle"

If your child enjoys a walk on the wild side, then this bag is for you! The bag is decorated with a colourful jungle theme, including an elephant with flapping ears! It contains:

  • an animal pencil pot kit (or animal puppet sewing kit for older children);

  • a light-up jungle animal keyring;

  • a self-inking animal stamper;

  • jungle animal-themed foam mask; and

  • a chocolate monkey lollipop.


Optional extras or substitutions (photos on request):

  • jungle animal-themed scratch art (40p);

"Space Cadet"

This bag is bursting with cosmic activities to keep little astronauts busy long after they've come back down to earth from the party! It includes​:

  • a pull back rocket racer kit;

  •  a self-inking space stamper;

  • a packet of glow-in-the-dark stars;

  • a space-themed stencil; and

  • a rocket chocolate lolly. 

These goodies are wrapped in a cellophane bag. The bag is decorated with colourful space-themed ribbon and a vintage card tag featuring our own poem about the night sky. 




Perfect for "under the sea"-themed parties, each bag is hand-decorated with an individual deep sea design and contains:​

  • a tropical fish sand art kit;

  • a self-inking sea-themed stamper;

  • a shark, killer whale or dolphin-shaped water pistol;

  • sealife scratch art; and

  • two chocolate fish.


"Boogie Woogie"


Designed for young music-makers, this bag is the perfect way to thank little guests for coming to a party, whether the birthday bash is music-themed or not! These colourful bags contain:

  • a wooden star clacker;

  • six mini paint pots in a range of colours and a paint brush (to decorate the wooden star clacker);

  • a large inflatable guitar;

  • a water flute; and

  • a milk chocolate lollipop with white chocolate instrument detail (a selection of instruments are provided).

Each goody bag is decorated with a gorgeous rainbow zig-zag grosgrain ribbon. Attached to the ribbon is a vintage card tag featuring our own poem that directs children to "tap your feet and grab an instrument to feel the beat"! 

"iSack Newton"


Perfect for science-themed parties, or for any gathering of budding Marie Curies or future Albert Einsteins! This bag is decorated in the style of a scientist's lab coat, featuring a pocket bearing the recipient's name (Prof. or Dr. of course!). This bag contains:

  • a magic crystal growing tree (which grows beautifully delicate and colourful crystals);

  • an invisible ink pen for jotting down secret formulae (with an in-built UV light for revealing the text);

  • a pair of trendy "geek glasses" in a choice of cool colours;

  • a lab-coat pencil; and

  • a neon test tube full of colourful sweets.


Down at the bottom of the garden, there's a miniature world to explore! This colourful bag contains everything that your party-goers need to embark on a mini-beast safari:

  • a wooden bug house;

  • six mini paint pots in a range of colours and a paint brush (to decorate the bug house);

  • a magnifying "creature peeper" to capture mini-beasts and inspect them;

  • bug-themed scratch art; and

  • a bug-themed chocolate lollipop.

This bag is decorated with a vintage card tag featuring our own poem about mini-beasts. 



This beautiful bag will encourage your party-goers to cherish and protect our beautiful British birdlife. As the label says, "when it gets frosty, little birds flag" - so we have stuffed this bag full of everything required to ensure that an entire flock of garden birds enjoys a fabulous feast!  It  includes:

  • a wooden hanging bird-feeder;

  • a packet of bird seed to fill the bird-feeder;

  • six mini paint pots in a range of colours and a paint brush (to decorate the bird feeder);

  • a British bird glider (a variety of birds are provided); and

  • a chocolate bird lollipop.

This bag is decorated with a gorgeous bird-themed ribbon. Attached to the ribbon is a vintage card tag featuring our own poem about the imporance of feeding birds in the Autumn and Winter.



Perfect for magic-themed parties, this bag is packed full of goodies that would delight any budding Houdini!


Every magician needs:

  • a conjurer's kit, containing classic magic tricks (selection varies);

  • a magician's sequinned bow tie;

  • a magic wand; and

  • a white rabbit (not in a hat!) chocolate lollipop.

"Princess Perfect"


If you're organising a grand ball for your little princess and her ladies in waiting then "The Princess Perfect Bag" will have them skipping home long before the toll of midnight! These gems contain:

  • a decorate-your-own princess mirror kit;

  • a princess tiara;

  • a princess-themed self-inking stamper;

  • a fairy princess glider;

  • princess scratch art; and

  • a chocolate princess carriage lolly (in milk or pink chocolate).


The contents are delicately packaged in a cellophane bag with blue shredded tissue paper and a beautiful princess-themed ribbon. 

"Super Sporty"


Whether your party-goers have scored a hat trick or an own goal, this bag will ensure that everyone leaves with a sporting smile on their face! It includes: 

  • a flying ring frisbee;

  • a finger football game (with goals, a ball and boot finger covers); 

  • a sports ball keyring;

  • sport boot scratch art; and 

  • three large chocolate sports balls. 

These contents are wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a multi sport-themed ribbon. 



Your cat's stuck up a tree! You're locked out of the house! You've lost your favourite spotty socks! Have no fear - "Superkid" is here to save the day! Our "KERPOW!" bag will keep any budding Batman or Catwoman entertained between rescue missions with:

  • an inflatable, squeaking Spiderman mallet;

  • a superhero keyring;

  • a superhero sand art kit;

  • a foam superhero mask; and 

  • a Superman chocolate lolly. 

These awesome contents are presented in bright blue and red paper bags which are emblazened with superhero cartoon bubble phrases and tied with superhero-themed ribbon. 



These bags will keep any budding Wonder Woman entertained between rescue missions with:

  • a colour-in Super Girl-themed mug;

  • a Wonder Woman keyring;

  • a superhero sand art kit;

  • a foam superhero mask; and 

  • a Super Girl milk chocolate lollipop.

These  contents can either be presented in red paper Wonder Woman bags, or in red and blue paper bags with superhero cartoon bubbles phrases (as shown in the Superhero bags above).



He may have sailed the seven seas in search of buried treasure, but Long John SIlver never bagged loot as priceless as this booty-packed bag! It contains:

  • a wooden pirate treasure chest;

  • six mini paint pots in a range of colours and a paintbrush (to decorate the pirate treasure chest);

  • an inflatable pirate cutlass;

  • a pirate foam mask;

  • a skull and crossbone self-inking stamper; and 

  • gold chocolate coins (presented inside the treasure chest!). 

These gorgeous gems are presented in a cellophane bag which is tied with pirate-themed ribbon. 

Optional extra or substitution (photos on request):

  • a pirate stencil (45p).

"Fairy Wings and Sparkly Things"

Flower fairies, the tooth fairy, the fairy on top of the Christmas tree... Where would we be without our little fluttery friends?! This lovely silver bag is decorated with a handmade, traditional fairy peg doll which can be slipped off the bag and hung up in a child's bedroom or playroom (choose from pink/white chevron or floral-themed fairies). The bag includes:

  • a mosaic fairy wand kit;

  • a flower fairy hair garland;

  • a fairy colour in glider; 

  • a fairy self-inking stamper;

  • fairy scratch art; and

  • a fairy wand chocolate lolly.

Optional extra or substitution (photos on request):

  • fairy stencil (50p).



We may be living in an age of self-driving cars and bagless vacuum cleaners(!) but you can't beat an old school rust-bucket robot - just look at the longevity of R2D2! This cellophane bag is decorated with our fetching robot grosgrain ribbon and contains:

  • a robot moneybox kit;

  • a robot light up keyring;

  • a robot foam mask; and 

  • a robot chocolate lolly. 

Optional extra or substitution (photos on request):

  • an OiDriods paper robot kit (45p).



As members of the "girl power" generation, the team at Beanstalk Bags knows that girls are only helpless when their nails are drying! We've created this bag for girls of all ages who enjoy home pampering. It includes: 

  • a nail care set in a pretty zip-up case, including nail clippers, nail scissors, a stainless steel nail file, a cuticle tool and tweasers;

  • floral matchbook nail files;

  • a floral mini mirror keyring;

  • nail stickers;

  • toe dividers; and

  • a colourful flower-themed chocolate lollipop.

These contents are displayed on shredded tissue paper, wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a bright pink and white polkadot ribbon. 

Optional extra or substitution (photos on request):

  • a set of three storage boxes in various sizes for nail polishes, equipment and accessories. These cute boxes are decorated with a matching floral design and fun slogans (e.g. "It's what's inside that counts!"). See the "Parapher-NAIL-ia" bag on our bespoke service page for photos of these boxes included in a bag (£4). 

"Big Top"


Roll up, roll up - the circus is in town! These big top-tastic bags, which are the perfect accompaniment to parties with clown entertainment, will send your young party-goers home feeling as high as a trapeze artist! 


Each bag includes: 

  • a colour-in circus-themed mask (e.g. clown, strong man, ringmaster);

  • a sequinned clown bow tie;

  • colourful circus-themed sand art;

  • wind up chattering teeth;

  • circus-themed stickers; and

  • a traditional rainbow swirl candy lollipop.

These bags are decorated with a big top motif and are tied with a co-ordinating red and white polka dot ribbon.